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A Guide to Westwood, MA Real Estate

Westwood is not divided into subdivisions like many other suburbs. It is all formed into a single block bordered on the south by Norwood and on the north by Dedham. There is some room for development near Strawberry Hill. The wealth that is located here makes Westwood real estate prime for many upper-level stores. The middle-class present here, however, also makes the city good for many large chains and big box stores.

Business Development

A major section of Westwood’s northern border with Dedham is located along I-93. This freeway is a prime location for many businesses that serve the surrounding communities. Two industrial parks are located within Westwood as well which can provide even more space for new businesses looking to get a foothold in the area. Strawberry Hill has relatively little infrastructure built at its base, making that area ideal for new development. 

Also, a new development project is currently in progress in Westwood. The project spans 130 acres and will be the site of hundreds of new homes, retail stores, and offices. Stores are expected to start opening in 2015. If brand new Westwood homes or apartments are something you’d like to consider, check out University Station for building progress.


Many Westwood homes are catered to the wealthy upper class with a few middle-class homes. Though there are historic houses in Westwood, some dating to 18th century, the focus is more on building new properties rather than preserving the past. This gives Westwood a more modern look typical of suburban America. 
Much of the middle-income housing is located in the eastern portion of the town along I-93. These Westwood homes for sale are modest, single-story homes with fashionable interiors. Most of them are suitable for raising a family. A four-bedroom home in this area is going for around $419,000 dollars with a square footage of 3800 and a large yard.

As you head further west towards the center of the city and Strawberry Hill, the houses become more opulent. Many are located near parks and ponds, making these pieces of Westwood real estate picturesque. Historic Westwood properties that still remain are also found in the larger western portion of the town, many of them centered around the downtown area. The northern tip of Westwood off of Summer Street is where the most expensive houses are, with the highest price at $2.5 million. The southern part, which has more homes on the market than the northern portion, has more modest homes tailored for the lawyer and doctor majority in Westwood with prices averaging in the $600,000 range. Many of these homes are also in greater proximity to lakes and parks, making a recreational life easier to access.


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