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Real Estate Trends in Milford, MA

Milford, MA real estate is one of the best investments when it comes to living luxuriously without the price tag that usually goes with most properties in highly-developed places. It offers the most affordable, secure, and convenient homes that aim to provide people the right mix of quality living and property rights. This can pertain to how a homeowner can use their property, especially for those who are looking not just for a place to live, but also a location for a start-up business.

What makes Milford real estate a great buy? 

1. Milford, MA real estate has the millennial generation in mind.
The millennial generation is one of the most profitable segments in the market today. They are earning much more money than the generation before them, and this is thanks to their naturally driven attitude towards their careers. Simply put, they know what they want and know how much they should get paid for it. Because of this, Milford apartments are usually geared towards this market segment, as they seek places where they can mix business and pleasure. The area is convenient enough to be near their places of work but still provide them enough scenery to enjoy nature, especially after a long day’s work. 
They also value convenience more than anything else, but with social responsibility in mind. With a Milford house, they can get the idyllic living condition they crave and at the same time, decrease their carbon footprint by not travelling long hours on the road to get to their offices.

2. Increasing land valuation, but Milford homes for sale remain affordable.
Today, homeowners are becoming increasingly global; with travel expenses going down and more countries opening up, buyers are becoming more nomadic by the day. A Milford house is a sound investment. The average price per square foot of Milford, MA real estate is around $156 and fluctuated about 0.6%, compared to 2013. Based on three home sales, the median sales price from June-September 2014 was $172,000. It’s also great to note that there is always Milford real estate on the market. 

3. Safety and security in Milford real estate
There is a growing trend of families purchasing Milford houses and apartments due to the low rate of crime, trespassing, and vandalism in the area. In the recent statistical studies, Milford has the lowest property crime in the affected population, which falls to only 1.09% compared to neighbouring towns. As with the number of violent crimes, Milford still has the lowest affected population that falls to only 0.27%.

4. Number of external amenities found around Milford, MA real estate
Milford garnered five stars from public reviews because of the number of schools that offer upgraded facilities and a standardized learning system. There are a total of 4,200 students in Milford Public Schools, in Memorial Elementary School, Woodland Elementary School, and Brookside Elementary School. The only private school in Milford is the Milford Catholic Elementary School, which has 120 students enrolled and 12 teachers employed.

All these accounted for, Milford is a really great place to live for families who want to have a place they can grow, and for young professionals who are looking for their first property.


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