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A Guide to Franklin, MA Real Estate

A large, historic town possessing as much charm as it does convenience, Franklin, MA is a popular destination for families looking for a great place to raise their children. However, Franklin is not subdivided, which is rather unusual for a town of its size. There are definite trends regarding income and Franklin real estate value depending on what area of the city you visit, so the focus of this article will be on what those trends are.

Upper Class Living

The most expensive Franklin homes are scattered across the eastern portion of the town with the largest bearing a price tag of $2.5 million and coming with 1.3 acres of land. The majority of these mansions are brand new, the oldest being built in 2001. This is the dominant trend with many of the larger or more opulent houses in Franklin. It is also quite common for Franklin apartments to be present in these large houses, with rooms commonly going for $3000 /month. Most of the upscale homes in Franklin are situated on large plots of land and possess a colonial aesthetic with some traces of Greco-Roman inspiration. 

Middle Income Housing

The majority of the more affordable homes are situated around downtown. The number of foreclosures is remarkably small, however, indicating a general responsibility among the residents. Many of the homes for sale in the downtown area go for around $125,000. Many Franklin apartments available for rent are located in this area of town as well, with prices settled around $800 or $1000/month. The vast majority of apartments have more than one bedroom, which is suitable for a starting family or a college roommate.

Historic Housing

While relatively small in number, there are some historic homes located near the downtown area as well. Most of the listed homes were built in the 40s, but there are a few dating before the turn of the century. Many of these homes are a part of the cities prestigious historical district, which also contains the first public library and the oldest continually running schoolhouse in the United States. A farmhouse-style home built in 1900 is currently listed at around $225,000.

Franklin also has traces of the Industrial Revolution in its aesthetic. Old mills can be occasionally found hidden in the brush. Many of the more prominent ones have since been converted into condos which make interesting options for Franklin real estate.

West Franklin

Much of the western portion of Franklin is undeveloped. This is due partially to Dean College and the presence of the Franklin State Forest, which is kept free from development. Some upscale Franklin houses have been built around this area, however. Most of them are in the $600,000 range with a few homes valued in the $200,000-400,000 range. The borders of the Franklin State Forest are very attractive to real estate developers, as the natural surroundings prove to be a great impetus for moving there. 


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