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A Guide to Framingham, MA Real Estate by Neighborhood

In case you are looking for Framingham, MA apartments or homes for sale, you should know that this is a white-collar town with 85.85% of the residents currently working for a corporation. It is interesting to know that, although there are numerous families living in the town, there are also numerous single, young and upwardly-mobile professionals. The residents are well-educated, and the town is composed of 14 neighborhoods, the most expensive of them being Nobscot, Edmands Rd/Edgell Rd and the Worcester Road areas. Framingham also has a mix of low-income housing, mostly in the south, with about 10% of properties falling into this category.


This is a suburban neighborhood, and when thinking about Framingham homes for sale, you should know that this neighborhood is mainly composed of medium-sized to large single family homes and condos. Most of the homes are owner-occupied. The majority of the homes were built between 1940 and 1969 and the current vacancy rate if of 2.2%. These homes general have a higher value than average Framingham real estate prices. This is a neighborhood with a very special character. Most of the buildings date back to the same period, and the majority of the shops have signs written in several languages. 

Edmands Rd/Edgell Rd

In case you are looking for Framingham, MA real estate in this neighborhood, you should know it is mainly made of medium sized to large family homes and its characteristics are very similar to those of Nobscot. It is interesting to know that the neighborhood is very diverse with numerous Eastern Europeans and Russians living in the area. As another interesting fact, 70.2% of the residents are married. The residents form an exclusive community with refined tastes, the means to live well, and cultural inclinations.

Worcester Road

When searching for Framingham apartments, you might be interested in the small to medium apartments and family homes of Worcester Road. These are occupied by both renters and owners. Most of the homes were built between 1970 and 1999. Again, this is a diverse neighborhood and many of the residents have Brazilian and Eastern European ancestors. The languages spoken are also diverse, with residents speaking Yiddish, Portuguese and other languages at home. Interestingly, 31% of the residents have an advanced degree.


Saxonville is a neighborhood located on the east side of North Framingham. This area was once farmland and consists of several Victorian homes. The area is now seeing a lot of construction and newer homes are being built. The area is considered to be more affordable than the Nobscot area and is a great choice to search for Framingham family homes for sale.


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