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Monday, March 6, 2017

4 Tasks for Realtors To Do on Snow Days

A snow day can seemingly ruin a good realty day—canceling open houses, causing clients to reschedule appointments, and slowing traffic to a crawl in the Boston area. But a good Realtor doesn’t let a snow day, whether it’s in December or March, stop them from being productive. Whether you’re trapped in the office, or you can walk or drive to showings, here are some ways to take advantage of a snow day in the real estate market.

Make Some Calls

Especially if you’re trapped in the office, call people. Follow up with clients and see how their new homes are treating them. Make connections with new buyers, look for new leads, reach out to other agencies. If you have free time and can’t leave the office, chances are other people are in the same predicament. Take advantage and build your network—now is the chance to do it. You’re often too busy to do this other than through organic meetings, so make calling and emailing during a snow day a priority.

Check Out Some New Homes

Depending on just how bad the weather is, you may be able to check out some new listings. Whether you need to suit up in your winter armor and trek out or just drive in your 4WD car to showings, this can be the time to see some listings at a quieter time. Check the MLS for the latest homes or call up some new clients to view their homes. Going to view homes shows initiative and will give you more listings to show your buyers. A snow day will likely allow you to view listings unfettered, without having to deal with other Realtors as you would during an Open House or the weekend.

Organize the Office

When was the last time you sat down in your office and organized—electronically and in real life? Use your snow day to organize your house—write thank-you notes to clients, clean up your email listserve, research new real estate trends and marketing strategies. If you have paperwork to complete, now is a good time to deal with it. Take this quiet snow day to do the work you need to do, whatever that entails.

Relax and Have Lunch with Coworkers or Friends

Sometimes a snow day is a sign to relax and let go. Get some work done certainly, but go out and have lunch with a friend. Cozy up and get a coffee or hot chocolate at your favorite café. The whole city has slowed down; you can take some leisure time, too.

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