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Monday, March 13, 2017

Realtors: Improve Your Work-Life Balance

A career in real estate isn’t the right fit for someone who thrives on a fixed work schedule. There’s no 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule for Realtors, as your clients will expect you to respond to their inquiries quickly and work with their schedules. This can be good for people who like variety and flexibility in their work day, but it can also make it challenging to make time for a personal life. Try the seven tips below to be more productive at work and carve out more time for your friends, family, and self.

Optimize Your Workspace

Sitting at a desk that looks like it was hit by a tornado can make your work life feel chaotic and create unnecessary distractions. If your desk is becoming overwhelmed with clutter, set aside time to purge and organize. Give yourself a computer work zone and a non-computer work zone where you can complete paperwork. Keep the items that you use most frequently close to your active work zone and find storage for those office items you don’t need as often.

Block Off Distraction-Free Work Time

Set aside a few hour-long blocks during the week where you won’t check your phone, email, or social networks. Use this time to work on high-priority tasks that require your full attention.

Keep Electronics Off the Dinner Table and Nightstand

Give yourself distraction-free blocks of time, too. Keep your phone out of reach when you’re having dinner with your family and getting ready to go to bed at night. Several studies have shown that using electronics right before bed can negatively impact your sleep schedule, and you’re not going to be at your most productive if you’re not getting enough sleep.

Get into a Routine with Consistent Tasks

Are there certain tasks that you do every day, such as responding to voicemails and updating your email database? Schedule these tasks at the same time every day. Getting into a routine will help you avoid procrastination and wasted time.

Make Deliberate Choices

It might be hard to make that last-minute happy hour or weekend trip when your clients expect you to be readily available. However, you should make time for your friends and family—you may just need to schedule that time in advance. When you plan personal activities, such as going out to dinner with your significant other or meeting a friend at yoga, block off those events on your work calendar so that you don’t double-book yourself.

Get in a Quick Workout at Home

You may not always have time to go to the gym, but you can probably fit in a 10- to 20-minute run in your neighborhood or follow along with a short workout video. Getting in even a quick workout can help reduce stress and give you a much-needed break.

Be Realistic

There’s no such thing as perfect work-life balance, and recognizing this will help you avoid feeling disappointed in yourself. Do the best that you can. Use the tips above and other strategies that you know will help improve your time management and stay flexible. As a Realtor, it’s up to you to determine the schedule that works for you.

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