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Discover Everything That Arlington Real Estate Has to Offer

A rich landscape of forest trails, picturesque views, and several sparkling brooks and creeks lies amongst the historical sites, artistic feats, and beautiful Arlington homes of this small town haven. When you’re considering buying a home in this area, be sure to discover everything that Arlington MA real estate has to offer so that you’ll know just how wonderful it will be to live there. Between the stories of Paul Revere’s ride through the town and the speculation of the original Uncle Sam residing in Arlington’s history, you’ll find that there is more to Arlington properties than meets the eye!

History and Attractions

Arlington was originally called Menotomy, which was a name it was given for its many brooks and creeks, meaning “swift running water” in the Algonquin language. The old name is still present in several areas, including the Menotomy Rocks Park, paying homage to the town’s history. It was settled in 1635 and the first Mill was built two years later along Mill Brook, giving rise to several others including Old Schamb Mill that is still standing today. As a farm community, Arlington was known for its specialty lettuce in addition to the industrious nature of the mills along Mill Brook.

The story of Paul Revere’s ride is highly significant in the history of Arlington, siting that Minutemen used the area to converge on British troops from several other places after their retreat from Lexington and Concord. The Jason Russel House is the sight of a battle that occurred on the first day of the American Revolution and is now a historical site that still bears bullet holes from the battle today.

Schamb Mill

This is one mill along the brook that is still working now, making it the oldest working mill in the country. Since 1650, this mill used to be a grist and saw mill but now turns out wooden frames that are featured in several museums around the country including exhibits for the White House, the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, and many more. If you’re lucky enough to purchase an Arlington house in Arlington Heights, you’ll be close to the Minuteman Bikeway and Mill Lane where this mill is located.

Arlington Center Historic District

Among other sights, this part of town is home to the National Register of Historic Places, so that you can easily find any historical site that you’re looking for inside of Arlington or anywhere else.

Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum

Located at Whittemore Park inside the Jefferson Cutter House, this museum commemorates famous Arlington resident Cyrus E. Dallin and his work with sculpture.

Shopping & More

In addition to historic attractions, you’ll find the Regent Theater and restaurants as well as plenty of shopping along Massachusetts Avenue. Check out Arlington apartments near Massachusetts Avenue to always be near shopping, groceries, restaurants, and anything else you might need.

See for Yourself!

These are only a few of the treasured historical and cultural attractions near Arlington condos and homes for sale. There are also Arlington rentals available if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge. The only way to really see it all in its glory is to come and see it for yourself. You won’t be able to help falling in love with every street, building, and piece of history that Arlington has to offer!


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